A match Made in Heaven is a recipe for success.

Matching talents by search & selection and interim & project management

In becoming and remaining successful as a company or an individual, finding the perfect match is a key stone.

That is why we – with our search & selection and interim & project management solutions – always search for the perfect match between company and candidate. We will not stop until it’s a match … Made in Heaven.

We specialise in talent-matching in sales, marketing, product management and innovation.

With over 20 years
of experience
we know what
matches companies and candidates.

Search & Selection and Interim & Project Management in

The career of the future will be hybrid

Sometimes you will want to work as a freelance interim managers, sometimes as a payroll employee. Sometimes you will want to work full-time, sometimes you will want to work less. In some periods of a career someone want the freedom to choose 3 to 6 months projects and in other stages of life someone will want a steady job.

To be able to help both companies and individuals during all stages of their lives we have decided to do matchmaking in both permanent hiring (search & selection) as well as in temporary interim and project management.

Why an interim or project management?

  • to fill in project needs or to replace someone
  • he or she can jump right in to get the job done
  • he or she combines strategy and execution
  • he or she is objective
  • he or she is not afraid to dig in and get his/her hands dirty

Why Made in heaven?

  • Our expertise is drawn from our +20years of experience
  • We work within a niche¬†
  • We work with a (pro-)active database
  • We work until it’s a match … Made in Heaven
  • We work interactive and transparent
  • Hot Job



    You will be working

    – at one of the most innovative companies in its sector

    – at a market leader and leading brand in Belgium

    – for a company that helps ensure a better climate



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  • Hot Job

    Senior Consultant

    • Translating strategy & vision into actions & propositions
    • Working alongside top notch consultants
    • Both interim and consulting missions
    • Region: Brussels
  • Hot Job

    B2B (Key) Account Managers

    • Hunter/Farmer profiles
    • Several clients opportunities in eco-mobility, ICT/Telecoms, …
    • Permanent position
    • Hybrid working
    • Region: Flemish Brabant