Made in heaven specializes in Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Product Management and Innovation. 


Well, to be successful in business, you need to be:

  • great in generating great ideas 
  • great at turning these great ideas into great products and services
  • great at introducing these great products and great services into the market
  • great at convincing prospects to use your great products and great services
  • great at servicing customers

Why US?

All our consultants and interim managers are experienced professionals and great at helping you in ‘doing the right things right’

Product Management and Innovation Management 

Everything starts with a great idea. But without great execution great ideas are just … well ideas. As with any strategy, the power lies in the execution. Innovation should be part of any strategy, certainly in this time of age. Taking an idea and turning it into a great product or service isn’t an easy thing to do. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. 

Innovation means you create products and services your customer love. Starting from market needs, in-depth customer research, customer journey mapping, customer touch point analysis, technological feasibility, developing concepts and MVP’s companies need to seek sustainable growth opportunities. New products and services might need new sales channels, new business models. In academic fields a lot of work has been done in trying to come up with working models to assure fast and cheap innovation. Design thinking methodology, agile innovation, lean start-up innovation, stage/gate project management tools, … all these are the playing field of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Together with developers (hardware and software), product owners, scrum master they lead the way to turn great ideas into great products and services.  Together with the product, segment and market managers they are responsible for turning ideas into product and services, into winning value proposition that make companies grow. Tools such as ‘The business Model canvas®’ are common used in this field of expertise. 

Innovation is a risky business (95% of product innovations fail! [Nobel, 2011]), therefor investing in resources that can help you derisk your innovation as much as possible (as the saying goes: fail often, fail soon, fail fast) is worthwhile investigating. Innovation tactics and strategies can be learned at school or in books, but here, maybe more than in other fields, experience is key. 

Through our years of experience in this field we have built up a network of professionals in innovation (product managers, product owners, customer success managers, segment managers, market managers, … ) in different sectors that will enable you to get the most out of your innovation investment. They have all grown through training and practice to deliver top results for their clients. They are passionate and motivated to deliver these result for you  in roles as scrum master, product owner, head of innovation, head of product management, product manager, segment and market manager.  

In short, we are specialists in finding and attracting the right resource for your product and innovation challenge. Be it  permanent (search and selection) or temporarily (freelance/interim) we provide you with the match made in heaven ensuring you will be doing the right things right in product and innovation management.