Temporary expertise is often a solution for projects or longer absences.

For clients

  1. If you have a possible assignment just give us a call or mail us. Even if it’s in an early stage or you haven’t decided on the details of the profile the freelancer should fit. There are no strings attached and maybe we can help. We will get back to you within 24h.
  2. After the first contact we have a face-to-face meeting to discuss your assignment. Meeting in person will help us understand the details and grasp the environment the candidate should fit in.
  3. You get 1 to 3 CVs from us by email. Not just any 3 CVs but good ones. Freelancers that we think are a match in heaven with your demand. We will tell you why we think it’s a match and discuss availability and price with you.
  4. We set up a meeting with you and your chosen ones.
  5. If all goes well and there’s a match we will draft up the contracts and off we go.

For freelancers

  1. When we get an assignment we will start screening the CVs of freelancers we know. So it is always useful to send us your CV spontaneously. We also search LinkedIn to contact the most relevant candidates.

  2. This search results in a longlist which is screened on availability. We meet the people that are new to us face-to-face so that we get to know them for now and future projects.

  3. When you are shortlisted we will check your references and our network.

  4. If we think you might fit in, you made it to the shortlist of 1 to 3 CVs we send to our client.

  5. If the client likes what he or she sees we’ll set up a meeting between the both of you.

  6. Is it a match? Then we will draft up the contract and off you go!

  7. Once you’re on the assignment we’ll check-in to see if everything goes well.

In each round you’ll get
feedback from us.