A match Made in Heaven is a recipe for success.


  • How to conduct the perfect video interview

    ZOOMEETEN, TEAMS-CALLING, GOOGLE MEETEN, FACETIMEN all words that entered our vocabulary the last 2 years.

    Some argue that video meetings and interviews cannot replace a f2f conversation, at least not entirely; you miss out on things like body language, the small off-topic conversations, etc. And, they are right!

    Nevertheless, the video-meeting and the video-interview in recruitment is here to stay.

  • How to make hybrid work work

    The future of many jobs will be hybrid, meaning part of the job will be done at the office, together with colleagues, part of it will be done wherever the employee feels best to do the job. Typically, the thinking part of the job, the part that requires (hyper-)focus, will be done at home while the brainstorming part will be done at the office.

  • Search & Selection: a match made in heaven for Made in Heaven

    We used the corona period to assess our processes and procedures. From now on clients and candidates can contact us for both permanent as well as temporary solutions.

  • A match Made in Heaven for SMEG's customer service

    SMEG, a leading manufacturer of design kitchen appliances, contacted Made in Heaven because they needed urgent help with a challenge in customer service. Made in Heaven took on the task of finding an interim manager asap.

  • Freelancers and businesses: #wereinthistogether

    Almost 50% of the freelancers have dropped without an assignment due to this corona crisis. We ran a little survey to ask how we, as freelancers, can help out our customers to cope with this crisis.

  • The holy trinity of matchmaking: What makes a match, a match made in heaven?

    A match made in heaven is nothing more, nothing less than having Mister/Misses right, at the right time, at the right place, at the right price.

  • Interim innovation project managers are a match made in heaven

    Innovating requires a lot of ‘out of the box’ thinking. It requires breaking down barriers like ‘we have always done it this way’ and ‘it’s too complicated, we can’t do it’.

  • The gig economy: a match made in heaven for businesses and freelancers

    First up, what is the ‘gig economy’. If you have read our tagline, maybe you’ve pondered what it means. In an easy way, the gig economy is the market whereby companies sign a contract with an independent freelancer for short-term assignments. The word “gig” is an informal word saying: a job for a predefined time frame or deliverable. It is/was often used in reference to musicians.


    While many companies already experience the benefits of interim managers, many still don’t. Often, ‘COST’ is cited as the main reason.

    Is that really so? Is an interim manager really expensive? More expensive than someone on the payroll? More expensive than having employees trained in a new expertise? And should you only look at cost? Will contracting an interim manager really … KILL YOUR BUDGET?

  • Made in Heaven for you

    What about us?

    We are a matchmaker for freelance interim and project managers. Specialized in sales, marketing, product management and innovation roles and profiles. The candidates we suggest are not just people that can do it, but people that already did it. They can jump right in and deliver the added value you need from day one.