Made in heaven specializes in Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Product Management and Innovation. 


Well, to be successful in business, you need to be:

  • great in generating great ideas 
  • great at turning these great ideas into great products and services
  • great at introducing these great products and great services into the market
  • great at convincing prospects to use your great products and great services
  • great at servicing customers

Why US?

All our consultants and interim managers are experienced professionals and great at helping you in ‘doing the right things right’

Marketing | Sales Support | Customer Service 

A great product sold by a great sales and business development team is a solid foundation but without great go-to-market and communication about brand and product or service, many of the sales effort would be like screaming in the dessert. Your marketing team needs to ensure that markets, customers and prospects are aware of your existence (brand awareness) and the products and services you offer. 

Marketing is a broad discipline with roles, responsibilities and deliveries such as marketing insights, branding and positioning, pricing, customer experience, customer segmentation, customer journey mapping, personas, trend watching, marketing strategy, channel management, marketing communication planning and budgeting. 

Nowadays, digital is becoming more and more important. New digital channels seem to be popping up every day and existing one are evolving at the speed of light. Digital communication requires a new and additional set of skills next to the typical marketing communications skills. Data and analytical skills are necessary to ensure maximum ROI on your investment. Knowledge on tools such as Zendesk, Hubspot, Teamleader, Salesforce, mailchimp, … are required to deploy lead generation, lead conversion and marketing automation programs. Website performance is critical, qualitative search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) are key elements to maximize website traffic, lead generation and lead conversion on your website.  E-commerce has grown to be a mature sales channel. 

In our network we have experienced professional specialists in data driven marketing and marketing technology who can help you and your organization make a leap forward in digital marketing. Professionals who are talented and experienced in creating great communications plans and budgets. Do you need help in agency selection, agency briefing for a new campaign? We have got the specialists for you. Top performers and seasoned professional who have done the job already, who have gone through the growing pains with and in other organizations and thus know exactly how to avoid the pitfalls. 

Is your marketing communication suffering from poor planning? Surpassing budgets? No time to make a decent comparison to choose the right communication agency? Trouble getting briefings to your agency? Our consultants and interim managers are all seasoned marketing professionals, they have walked the walk and talked the talk. Do you want to make leapfrog in e-commerce, we have got the specialists who will help you in planning, building and operationally running your e-commerce. 

In short, we are specialists in finding and attracting the right resource for your marketing challenge. Be it permanent (search and selection) or temporarily (freelance/interim) we provide you with the match made in heaven ensuring you will be doing the right things right in marketing. We have experience in roles such as Chief Marketing Office, Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketeer, Marketing Manager, Communication Manager, Brand Manager, Channel Manager, Trade Marketeer, Product Manager, Marketing Communication Manager, Social Media Expert.