Made in heaven specializes in Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Product Management and Innovation. 


Well, to be successful in business, you need to be:

  • great in generating great ideas 
  • great at turning these great ideas into great products and services
  • great at introducing these great products and great services into the market
  • great at convincing prospects to use your great products and great services
  • great at servicing customers

Why US?

All our consultants and interim managers are experienced professionals and great at helping you in ‘doing the right things right’

Sales | Business Development | Customer Service 

Having a great product or service is good, but it’s just the starting point. You need your sales and business development teams to convince new prospects and customers to use your products and services. You need your account managers to engage in long-term sustainable mutual beneficial relationships with customers. 

Our consultants and interim managers are skilled professionals who will guide you and help you set-up, create and maintain long-term relationships with your customers. They are experienced in negotiating a win/win. Through decent account development plans they set-up current and future growth for you and your customers. 

Need help in setting up sales plans for the next 3 years with actionable plans on a yearly basis? Our consultants and interim managers are experienced professionals not only in setting up the long term sales plan but also executing on them. In other words they master the art of sales strategy and sales tactics. Making sure the sales operations run smoothly, ensuring alignment with marketing and customer service are topics our sales professionals are passionate about. 

Are you looking for 

You need help in better understanding your customers, becoming more customer centric, define your customer journey, increase margins through value based pricing and better segmentation, value propositions tailored to your customer needs? 

We have access to specialists in all these field who thrive from projects like these. 

In short, we are specialists in finding and attracting the right resource for your sales challenge. Be it short term (account management, sales tactics, sales boost programs), mid-term (sales operations, inbound CRM, value proposition, customer segmentation, customer experience, customer journey, ;.. ) or long term (sales strategy, ), permanent or temporarily we provide you with the match made in heaven ensuring you will be doing the right things right in sales and business development.