Temporary expertise is often a solution for projects or longer absences.

  1. Account Management We continuously meet with prospects and customers in order to set-up and maintain relations with them. This results in new and challenging assignments for our freelancers. 
  2. Matching Matching means searching the perfect fit between the client and the interim manager. Cultural fit (DNA match) is as important as skills and experience. Of course, timely availability and budget play a role in the matching too. We won’t stop until we have found a match made in heaven.
  3. Contracting Once the match made in heaven is done we will make sure that all agreements are covered in a transparent and simple contract for all parties.
  4. Invoicing During the assignment we take care of the timesheet and 
    invoicing. Invoices are paid at the latest 30 days from the invoicing date.
  5. Follow-up During an assignment we will regularly check up with both  the client as well as the interim manager.