A match Made in Heaven is a recipe for success.

Made in Heaven for you

What about us? 
We are a matchmaker for freelance interim and project managers. Specialized in sales, marketing, product management and innovation roles and profiles. The candidates we suggest are not just people that can do it, but people that already did it. They can jump right in and deliver the added value you need from day one.

We used to be freelancers ourselves so we know the importance of a matching company culture and the skills our candidates need, to be the match… made in heaven.

What about you? 

  • Having trouble finding a permanent replacement for someone who recently left? 
  • Do you have a colleague who is long term unavailable (e.g. sabbatical, illness, maternity leave, …)?
  • In need of specialized knowledge on a project? 
  • In need for extra capacity in busy periods or when the company is going through a transformation? 

In all these circumstances, hiring an interim manager might just be the ideal solution:

  • because of the flexible nature of the collaboration: limited in time, more easily stopped
  • by default interim managers are experienced professionals which means you can have a head start – in no time – on your project. Added value from day 1. 

Finding and contracting the right freelancer is often something you do ‘on top of’ the pile of work you already have. You seek a temporary skilled professional? Don’t spend your time in endless scanning of CV’s and profiles, use Made in Heaven to do that for you. 

Want help? Contact dirk@madinheaven.be.